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Sima srl was created in 1982 by Bruno Castignani, who had been working in the packaging industry already since the ‘60s by cooperating with other important packaging companies.


His long working experience and the skills acquired after decades of engagement make him a far-sighted manager.


At an  early stage, the company focused on the production of boxes for the footwear and leather industry, over the years the production was extended to meet further packaging requests, serving the following industries: fashion and accessories, cosmetics and perfumery, multimedia and communication, promotional gadgets, publishing and many others.


Nowadays, thirty years later, we are a leading company in the paper processing and luxury boxes industry. Considerable investments in technologies, modern equipment, qualified and motivated  staff make us the perfect partner for those companies which look for high-quality packaging solutions and which would like to make their products and brand popular by focusing on the aesthetic presentation.



Customers are supported step by step in designing the perfect packaging. Our graphic design office is at their disposal and in case they have their own graphic studio, they can interact with our staff to solve any problem related to the creation of the most suitable packaging for their products.


Our clients have the possibility to plan the withdrawal of the ordered products in a flexible way and just in time. This is possible thanks to the availability of warehouses, storage systems and of over 800,000 boxes ready for dispatch.


Deliveries can be made by our vehicle fleet, where it is possible, or, when needed, by affiliated carriers, this enables us to provide a widespread shipping coverage, both nationally and abroad.


Since among our most important clients, there are companies,  whose business is of international nature, and which therefore need to have our products shipped abroad, some years ago we decided to start a successful exclusive partnership with selected foreign companies working in the paper processing and packaging industry. Thanks to these partner-companies, based in Romania and Tunisia, we are now able to serve the markets of Eastern Europe and North Africa, by providing the same high-quality standards of products and service, even in those delocalized production sites.


Should you need further information in this regard, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Office.



Using materials such as paper and cardboard, it makes us always careful, to the issues of recovery and recycling.

Each of our products, as well as each of our cutting waste, can be recycled and can return to being completely re- processable paper and cardboard: a resource for everyone.


The FSC® label

The FSC logo identifies products which contain wood from forests properly and responsibly managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.